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When it comes to transforming Saskatoon's bathrooms, Centennial Kitchen & Bath sets the standard. Our skilled Saskatoon bathroom renovation craftsmen not only build to the highest quality standards but also work hard to make your renovation as painless as possible.

For quality Saskatoon bath renovation services you can trust, contact us online or give Centennial Kitchen & Bath a call today at (306) 700-3277.

Bathroom Renovations Done Right

No matter the size of your bathroom renovation, we understand the primary concerns all homeowners share when it comes to creating the highest quality bathrooms. You want to know what it will look like, who you can trust, exactly how much it will cost and how much stress this will cause you and your family. When you work with our Saskatoon bathroom remodeling team, you can rest easy knowing we're going to make the rather painful renovation process as easy as possible and that we'll never cut corners.

Helping You Transform Your Bathroom

It all starts in our interactive showroom, where you'll work with one of our designers to create your perfect bathroom. One that is beautiful, functional and budget effective. Once you pick your products we'll work up a guaranteed quote that unless you change the scope of work, will be your price once your beautiful bathroom comes to life. Please see our Process Makes Perfect guide into how we pull it all together.

Why Choose Our Saskatoon Bath Renovators?

Simply put, whether you are changing your faucets, installing a new shower, or making over the entire bathroom, we make it easy. Our talented Saskatoon bath renovations techs are great people who make you feel comfortable while we work on your project. We'll make you smile from start to finish.

Other Reasons To Choose Our Team For Your Renovation Include:

  • You get to work with a professional designer to make your project come to life.
  • We'll provide you with 3D renderings of your project so you can visualize your space before you commit.
  • You can pick everything you need for your renovation from the comfort of our 12,000 square foot showroom, no need to run around Saskatoon!
  • We'll give you a free initial estimate for your project.
  • Once your project is fully designed, we'll give you a guaranteed price that won't change unless you decide to change the scope of work.
  • You'll be assigned a dedicated project coordinator to ensure that you are kept up to date with all the goings-on before and during your renovation.
  • We typically don't use any subcontractors. This way we can control who is in your home and how your schedule will run.
  • We perform structured quality control checks multiple times during our renovations to make sure everything is as designed and built to our high-quality standards.
  • We offer a one-year warranty on your entire renovation for your peace of mind.

Know Your Options For Bathroom Renovating

The difference between renovation and remodeling can be a little bit vague sometimes. Generally speaking renovation is updating your existing bathroom while remodeling is if you're adding something new or rearranging the placement of appliances. Some popular examples of bathroom remodeling are:

  1. Hiding the toilet - This is a big one especially for those that share a bathroom. Just a small dividing wall between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom would suffice in providing enough privacy for all parties involved so ask our Saskatoon bathroom remodeling pros about hiding the toilet for your convenience.
  2. Ditch the bathtub in favor of a shower box - If you're one of the few people left on earth that take baths regularly you can ignore this tip. But bath tubs take up a lot of space and are often hardly used enough to justify their existence.
  3. Consider plenty of counter-tops next to the vanity mirror - Those that spend a lot of time in front of a mirror know how many different things need to be readily accessible when using the vanity mirror. More counter space is often more useful than two different sinks as most couples don't use the sinks at the same time.
  4. Bathroom closets are incredibly handy - You'd be surprised at how useful a bathroom closet can be. Nobody likes leaving the bathroom to grab a towel in a pinch or extra toiletries when they run out, so a bathroom closet comes in handy more often than you'd think.

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  • "Our two bathroom renovations were an exceptional experience!!"
    The team was professional in how they presented themselves and took great pride in their different trades.
    - C. David
  • "Our kitchen is everything we imagined it would be and more."
    Very happy with the whole experience. Staff is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile.
    - Kayla C.
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    Each of the installing technicians was clean, neat, respectful, and attentive to detail.
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    We are incredibly pleased with our recent home remodel.
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  • "Showed a meticulous attention to detail that resulted in an impressive installation."
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    Our kitchen is everything we imagined it would be and more.
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